Reviewer Reacts — Bad M1 Mac Hot Takes!

Apple has just released their first series of custom silicon Macs — the lowest end, lowest power ones, I’m talking fanless MacBook Air, 2-port MacBook Pro, and silver Mac mini.

A lot of people have been blown away by the ludicrous mode performance, responsiveness, efficiency, and for the MacBooks specifically, battery life. Like, beating most of Apple’s other machines, never mind most of the machines in the industry. On ultra-low power.

Others have been legitimately critical or concerned about compatibility, expandability, and customizability as Apple focuses less on traditional computers and increasingly on computing appliances.

Some, though… some have just gone full-on scalding hot take. Forget habanero or scotch Bonet or ghost pepper, just all-new levels of Last Dab spicy.

And, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of those, in real-time, and give you my live reactions to them. Right here. Right now.