iPhone 13 — Reacting to ALL Leaks!

Yes, Apple has only just launched the iPhone 12 series. And, yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous that there are already rumors about the iPhone 13. But 2020 is basically the worst DCEU movie ever and 2021 might still be the Snyder Cut, so if you’re just trying to figure out what to buy and when, I’m going to help you out. By going through all the latest rumors and giving you my reactions to them. Live. And I’m going to do it right now.


Kuo Ming-Chi, who’s rated at 78% accurate across 138 rumors by the AppleTrack website says will come in the same four model sizes as this year.


Ross Young of Display Search, who’s rated at 100% by Apple Track but only across 2 rumors, so that number doesn’t mean anything yet, also says the display sizes on the iPhone 13 will be the same as on the iPhone 12, but will use LTPO or low-temperature polycrystalline oxide OLED, for ProMotion-style adaptive refresh rates.

Touch ID

Kuo Ming Chi has also said that Apple will launch the new iPhone equipped with both Face ID and FOD to enhance security and convenience thanks to the multi-biometrics.


Not everyone hates the notch but no one loves it. Samsung leaker Ice Universe, who isn’t tracked for Apple rumors, has said it could be smaller.

According to Korea’s ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 could have an under display camera — that Samsung Electronics is designing a display that has wider pixel spacing in the area where UDC will be placed in order to secure opening ratio and so that there will not be an issue with taking pictures.


Kuo Ming-Chi says it will be significantly upgraded to f/1.8, 6P (six-element lens) with autofocus, huge improvement over the current f/2.4, 5P (five-element lens) Ultra Wide cameras with fixed focus.

Ross Young has also reported that Apple’s new Sensor Shift IBIS — in body image stabilization — currently only in the iPhone 12 Pro Max could expand to more devices across the lineup.


iPhone 13 is expected to have the same Lightning Ports as the iPhone 12 — sorry every nerd in the world — except… except… Kuo Ming Chi has said we expect that the highest-end model would cancel the [Lightning] port and provide the completely wireless experience.


Qualcomm X60 third generation 5G modems, which may be on a 5nm process for better power efficiency.




Fall 2021, but we’ll have to see just how much the world stops ending and how fast Apple can get back on their typical release schedule.