Apple April 2021 Event Preview!

September: Apple Watch and iPad. October: HomePod and iPhone. November: The Apple Silicon Macs. March: Crickets. But April, dear sweet April…

Now, I know some people are saying Apple doesn't host April events. They haven't done that in a decade ever since… iPhone OS4 in 2010.

But in case you hadn't noticed, 2020/2021 are like Justice League and the Snyder Cut and none of the old rules apply anymore.

Does this mean Apple needs an event? No, absolutely not. Especially if they're for iterative or upgrade products that are super easy to understand barely an inconvenience. But if there are things that are new, things that are novel, things that require an explanation, it is just always better for Apple to do that in an event, especially now that they're hosting virtual events.

And it could be as soon as April sixth.

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