Intel ATTACKS Apple M1 Mac

Wait, what is that? Hold up, hold up. Zoom. Enhance. Zoom. Enhance. Zoom and holy . This is all fake. Intel screwed up and Photoshopped the bezels off the MacBook. That looks good. Sponsored by Brilliant. Last time, out of nowhere, Intel just turned into merchant silicon vendor scorned. And they went right after Apple, where they literally bait and switched comparisons over and over again. And now they're back with a whole campaign. We're talking videos, websites, tweets and after the drubbing, the absolutely humiliating, embarrassing drubbing they took last time, there's just no way, no way they could make it worse, right?

Hello? I'm a Justin.


Stop! Hang on, wait!

Pausing for just a hot minute. So anybody under the age of 30 can go Wikipedia "Live Free and Die Hard" or "Galaxy Quest". I'm totally kidding.

By Grabthar's Hammer

The classic switch to Mac.

Hi, I'm a PC.

Okay. We're past that. We've moved beyond that.

Yeah. I had to restart there. You know how it is

Actually, I don't.

Although, I really, I really can't imagine that outside of all of you watching this channel, there would be too many people who are familiar with this style of interior baseball joke to begin with.

Just a real person doing a real comparison between Mac and PC.

Okay. A real comparison. That's way better than what they did last time. So I've got some hope. I've building up some hope here.

These are all PCs.

Oh, and then right out the window, goes to sense of reality because it would be hard to imagine that this many laptops would still be rocking Intel, given the stratospheric ascent of AMD these days.

Whoa, my face just unlocked that, that's so cool.

Yeah, wish there was face ID on the Mac. That's entirely Apple's fumble.

[Justin] I've never seen a screen like this before on a laptop.

[Narrator] A multi touch bar.


And let's see over here.

Wait, what is that? Hold up, hold up. Zoom. Enhance. Zoom. Enhance. Zoom and holy . This is all fake. Intel screwed up in Photoshopped the bezels off the MacBook. That looks good.

[Justin] So these are the newer Macs?

[Man] Yeah.

Who was shouting, "Yeah," the Photoshop artist? The one who made up the fictitious slides from the last campaign?

Okay, PC. It's a laptop. Aha, tablet. Laptop. Tablet.

And that's fair. That's totally fair. There are foreign factors in PC that don't exist in the Mac world simply because Apple only chooses to make a few Macs, while there are a myriad, a great diversity of PC makers who do everything from reverse, foldable displays to full-on convertibles where you can actually just pop the screen right off and use it as a tablet.

Now you got a laptop and it's-

Wait, the bezels, those bezels still look fake. Did Justin sneak into John Dernis's office and Yoda prototype? What is going on here?

Oh, I also have to get a tablet, I guess. and a keypad, oh and a stylist.

That's interesting because they didn't show the stylist coming with the PC. Although, I assume it does.

And a dongle?

The ports are only a design decision. You have MacBooks that are both M1 and Intel that only have USB-C ports. And then you have the Mac mini and it has a wide range of ports from USB-A to USB-C, to HDMI to Ethernet.

And it's especially kind of cringy and embarrassing given what stuntpants said on Twitter, which is "This is a company that spent 20 years failing to come up with a connector that could be plugged in right on their first try until Apple gave them the USB-C design."

Call 911, there's been a Twitter murder.

And even more embarrassingly, Intel is a board member of the USB-IF of the standards body that creates these things. They are a major driver of that technology. and what's super extra cringy, weird here is that Apple still sells and promotes Intel-based Macs.

There's this famous marketing saying where Coke never mentions Pepsi. Coke doesn't do a Pepsi Challenge because Coke is the market leader. And this is Intel voluntarily, actively choosing to become Pepsi. I mean the Mac in general has a very small market share. And the M1 Mac, a tiny, tiny market share.

And here you have the presumed leader of the PC market just giving all of this attention to the M1, something that might be a mine share threat to them, but is not gonna be a market share threat anytime soon. And yet, Intel is treating them, is telling us to treat them like an existential threat. By the lowest power, Apple silicon, that they go straight into Thanos rain fire mode. And at the same time, everything that they're showing off, everything that they are claiming is an advantage of the PC over the Mac, of Intel PCs, over a Mac has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Intel.

You can do all of this stuff, many would say better with AMD. And you can even do all of this stuff, you can even find computers that are reversible, convertible, all of that, that use ARM-based processors that don't come from Intel or AMD that come from Qualcomm. So at the same time, they are telling us, they are showing us that they are no longer the market leader in their own minds. They are also showing and telling us that they are nothing more than a commodity part and that everything, everything they provide of value is provided by Microsoft through Windows and through just the vendors of all of these PC designs, by the sheer volume of vendors and volume of designs that they provide. It's like turning around in the Superbowl, running, getting a touchdown on your own side, and then spiking the ball and dancing.

And what hurts, what hurts so much to people like me who are lifelong Intel fans, who, you know, stuck with Intel, even when they were missing roadmaps, not by years, but by half a decade, for people like me who still recommend Intel Macs who's still using an Intel Mac. I am still doing almost all of my work on a 16-inch MacBook Pro that only comes with Intel Inside because I need this big screen.

I need these four USB-C ports, the ports they're making fun of. And I also need the high levels of RAM, and the high levels of SSD to do all of these videos that I upload for all of you all the time. And I still love Intel. I want Intel to succeed. I don't want them making really dumb, really cringy, really factually challenged marketing campaigns like this. I want them spending all of their time making their chip sets so good that I regret going to an M1 processor, that Apple regrets ditching Intel for custom silicon.