Unleashing the Mac GPU — Redshift for Intel and M1!

I'm talking to David McGavran, CEO of Maxon, and James Rodgers, Director of Lunar Animation, about Redshift coming first to Intel Macs, soon to M1 Macs, and unleashing the full rendering power of the Mac GPU for everyone.

"Today, Maxon announced the immediate availability of Redshift for macOS including support for M1-powered Macs as well as Apple’s Metal Graphics API. Redshift, the award-winning, production-ready renderer, offers a rich feature set including ray switches, flexible shading networks, motion blur, AOVs, deep output, layered EXR and much more. Unlike other GPU renderers, Redshift is a biased renderer that enables artists to adjust the quality of individual techniques in order to get the best performance/quality balance for production. As a Universal solution, Redshift is optimized for high-end performance across both M1- and Intel-powered Macs."