Parler vs. Apple & Twitter — Real Lawyer Reacts! (Feat. Legal Eagle)

Apple, like Google and Amazon, has removed the social networking app Parler.

Before that happened, there were some people who said Apple shouldn’t be hosting a platform used for planning violence and inciting sedition. Since it’s happened, some people have said Apple shouldn’t be censoring platforms or infringing on the first amendment and freedom of speech.

Some are upset because they’re absolutists and think Apple, and Twitter, and Facebook, and the rest of Big Tech, should always or never moderate apps on the store. Others only seem to care one way or another when it affects their particular issue or team.

Either way, since most of us aren’t using any of these terms consistently or with much if any context, and since I’m not a lawyer, I figured I’ll call in someone who is. Host of the Legal Eagle channel, YouTube’s lawyer, Devin Stone.

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