NEW Purple iPhone & AirTags — Unboxed!

Purple iPhone 12, Purple iPhone 12 Case, AirTag one-shot, AirTags 4-pack, AirTags Loop, and AirTags Key Ring, all unboxed, hands-on, and first impression all for you!

Whenever I see a purple iPhone, I feel like Samuel Jackson must have felt the first time he saw that purple lightsaber in the Star Wars movies that we pretend don't exist. Of course, it is an iPhone 12, looks just like an iPhone 12. It is an iPhone 12 in every way. Same A14 Bionic processor, same camera system, same OLED display, and same U1 Ultra Wideband spatial positioning chip that will work so well with the new AirTags. It is just newly, beautifully purple. In the box, we have the usual, or usual now, Lightning to USB-C plug, SIM tool, and the sticker is not purple. Pluck 'em and file 'em for Floss.

It is a different purple from the previous iPhone. I would have preferred a deeper, richer purple, but obviously purple beggars cannot be purple choosers. Purple case. I always love just how easy it is to open Apple stuff. Protective paper. And this is the kind of purple I'm talking about, you know, a much less lavender, much more grape purple. This is the kind of purple that, ah, I wish the iPhone was this purple. Apple is so very two-toned. And this has, you know, definitely has that AirPods Max vibe, that new iMax two-toned vibe. And the single, the one-shot of AirTag. No stickers.

The AirTags are priced way lower than me or anybody else thought, so I guess you guys save money somewhere. Open it up. Tips. Pop that little puck out. And, of course, it's wrapped. I guess so you don't mistake it for Thin Mint. And the wrapping goes underneath the battery, so maybe when you pull this out, the battery connects. Like Justine said, looks like a little lapel button. In terms of size, it is bigger than a Canadian quarter. We call them moosies. We don't call them moosies. Oh, magnetic too. That's interesting. It is bigger than a Canadian dollar, which we do call loonies. Does not like the Canadian two-dollar coin. That's interesting. It is magnetically averse to, we call it a toonie even though it's got a polar bear on it. Don't judge us. I mean, where else could you get this Canadian unboxing content, right? And now we have the four-shot of AirTags, the family pack. We've got the tips and we've got all the tags. Thumbs-up emoji. And I'm sure this is a pop culture reference to something that I am embarrassingly not getting right now. God, if this is for John Gruber, he's gonna be insufferable for a good six weeks or so. And another blank. And the back of them, very nice stainless steel. Looks almost like the back of an Apple Watch. AirTag. Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. Bluetooth LE and Ultra Wideband. Why Bluetooth LE and Ultra

Wideband on our AirTags? Well, I got to ask Kaiann Drance and Ron Huang of Apple those exact questions and many of your questions as well in an interview that I posted just earlier today. So I will link that in the description and in the end card and make sure you check that out because it is jampacked with details, including that, you know, any one Apple ID can have 16 of these suckers attached to it. This is the leather loop. Minimalist paperwork is tight. Take your John Gruber monogrammed AirTag, sorry, John, and then you can loop it around anything you wanna keep track of, like Miles Morales here. Be sure not to mess up his sneaker game. Unclip, reclip. And, oh, how the tables have turned because now it's Spider-Man being tracked. How do you like it? Same thing but this is the red leather version if you wanna go just a little bit more premium. Not sure where I'm gonna put this one yet. Maybe my backpack. We'll see. I don't think I've seen my gear bag since last March to be honest with you. But this way, at least I'll be able to find it when I need it again. And the leather key ring, which is one of the things I'm most interested in because keys get so many places.

We will thumbs-up the key chain. Yeah, it's a very nice, very traditional, very Indiana Jones brown leather and I am very, very interested to see how this weathers. I've got really good experience with Apple's iPhone cases weathering and I'm interested to see how this fairs as well. For a deep dive, like, the deepest of dives, on the Find My network and how AirTags work, how the privacy, how the security, how the location services work, I'm talking down to the asymmetric key chair pairings, I'll link it in the description, the comments, and in the end card.