M1X Macs (2021) & Pro Apps for iPad!

You had so many questions about the M1 Macs, upcoming M1X and M2 Macs, Macs vs. the iPad Pro, and Pro Apps for the upcoming A14X iPad Pro... I just had to answer them all!

0:00 - M1 Mac SSD Thrashing Issue?
2:10 - M2 iMac and Face ID?
3:13 - M1 7 vs 8 GPU: what does it mean for M2?
4:21 - iPhone vs. Mac FaceTime camera quality?
5:17 - When is the Apple Silicon Mac Pro?
6:18 - How will Apple differentiate M1 Mac from iPad?
9:05 - Any chance for in-person Apple Events in 2021?
10:37 - Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Xcode pro apps coming to iPad?
13:12 - New Apple Display alongside new M1X iMacs?
14:53 - Glowing Apple logos?
15:37 - M1 Macs and malware?
16:52 - Has Apple painted the Mac into a corner?