iPhone vs Android — Right or right now?

I’ve been asking for an always-on iPhone display… it’s gotta be… 5 years now. Basically, ever since Apple took it OLED with the iPhone X back in 2017.

I mean, Nokia phones have had it since 1812… or 2010… one of those years. And Android phones from Samsung to Google to Moto have been… yoting them out for what feels like half to a decade by now. Even the Apple Watch managed to get its always on back in 2019. You know, the before times…

And yet, it feels like every year, on the year, someone goes and says this year, no, this year, the iPhone will finally be getting always on. Like, just keep saying it, and it has to come true eventually, right? And who knows, sure, maybe. I’m honestly so far beyond burned out by all the leaks constantly flooding my feeds these days anyway.

But it does raise a super interesting question. Why is it taking Apple so damn long, so damn always, to just give us all these features anyway? And is rapid adaption of new technologies maybe, just maybe, something Android handles way better?