iPhone SE vs. iPhone 12 — New podcast w/ Brian Tong

When I asked you all for iPhone SE questions you wanted answered, I got pretty much what I expected. Size. Camera. Battery. The usual stuff. But, I got one questions, repeatedly, that I wasn’t expecting:

Should you get the iPhone SE now or wait for the presumed iPhone 12 late this year?

See, to me, one is a $399 entry-level iPhone with a classic, iPhone 8-style Home button, iPhone 11 chipset, and camera somewhere in between. The other will likely be a $699+ premium iPhone with a modern design and the latest, greatest chipset and camera on the market.

They’re just so different. But, people just don’t see it that way. Or, maybe, don’t care. Some people just want a new iPhone this year and it’s not just about the price but about the value — the best set of features for them for the price.

So, I asked Brian Tong of YouTube fame to talk it through with me while he was on my new podcast. Oh, yeah, you know I had to start a new podcast.

I meant to wait a few months more but then all this happened, so… here we are.

The audio version will be in your favorite podcast app soon or, if you have Nebula or have joined the early access tier of my Patreon — yeah, I’ve got Patreon as well, I’m indie now, remember? — you can head on over and watch the entire 40 minute conversation right now.

That's where Brian and I talk about going indie, how to make a living on YouTube, what happened on iPhone SE day, and, tangent, both of our abiding love for comic books

If you sign up for Patreon, you not only get to see the full video version of the podcast right now, you get to see scripts for most of the daily shows before they’re even shot, as well as Discord, where we chat about Apple, gear, workflows, and more, and there are even ways to get you name in description of every video, or the credits.

(And, of course, you’ll get early access to future episodes of Season 1 of the podcast as well.)