iPhone 11 Review: 6 months later

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro were really well reviewed when they first came out, especially the cameras, battery life, and the lower price on the base model 11.

There were also some criticisms though. Namely, the lack of faster charging options and accessories, USB-C, and just how buggy iOS 13 was at launch.

But, times change. Hardware gets worn. Software gets updated. New competition comes out. Expectations change. And so do circumstances, especially right now when many of us are rightfully stuck at home and depending on our phones in very different ways than we’d planned to. It makes the whole question of what to buy and when to buy it just alternate reality different than it was at launch.

So, I’m going to deep dive into all of that, right now. Video version available now you can find the text version up as my first, new Monday column over at iMore.