How Apple Can Fix the App Store — And What It Will Cost

Apple's App Store is under attack. They're being sued by Spotify in the EU and Epic in the US. Some developers, big and small, are beyond salty over a host of gripes, new and institutional, real and imagined. Gamers are pissed over the lack of Xbox streaming. And regulators have them in their sights as well, breaking out all the old favorites: Monopoly abuse. Anti-competitiveness. Anti-trust. And they… well, they don't operate with lasers. They operate with hammers. Giant, gottendarung Mjolnir-like hammers.

So, what can Apple do? More to the point, what should Apple do? Add side-loading and alternate app stores? Cut the 30% and offer alternate payment options?

Well, each one of those comes with some postives and some negatives, some risks along with potential rewards...

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