Final Cut Pro X 10.4.9 β€” New Workflows for WFH, Social Era

New version of Final Cut Pro X

🎬 Enhanced proxy workflows

🎬 Automated tools for social media cropping

🎬 Editorial workflow improvements

🎬 Motion/Compressor updates

Really good thread from Thomas Grove Carter:

For me, Smart Conform is a really good starting point when making an alternate frame-size version.

It’s results can then be tweaked or changed in the with Transform tools.

Pro tip.Doesn’t just work for Square/Vertical. Also works if you want to switch to 2.35 for example!

Audio cross fades shortcut!

Very simple. Works exactly how it should. Overlapping, user defined, fade handles added to selected clips.

Fine adjustments can be made to length and shape after. Obvs.

If audio is collapsed they remain hidden. If expanded, you see them pop in.

Ripple Training also has a video up with a walk-through of new features:

Also: There’s a 90-day free trial for Final Cut Pro 10.4.9 if you want to check it out/train yourself up.

(Yes, even if you used the 90-day free trial on the previous version β€” whole new free trial for the new version!)

This is going to be fun.