Beats Fit Pro — Best AirPods Yet?

Fit because they’re design to fit better in your ears, so that they stay in while you’re working out… to stay fit… which all just… Fits. Huh. Clever Beats.

I all caps love what Apple’s been doing with Beats lately. Keep the AirPods minimal and iconic, while letting the Beats… pods get all shades of colorful and creative.

Ok, so, imagine AirPods Pro but instead of just white they come in black as well, but also sage gray and stone purple. Yeah’d I’d love to see blue, orange, and red as well, but maybe they had to split colors with the HomePod mini this year, I dunno?

Then, instead of a stiff stem that shotguns down, you have a flexible hook-like wingtip that curves up to better secure the bud.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because that’s pretty much exactly what the mad geniuses in Beat’s labs have gone and done.

I mean, same Apple H1 headphone chip as AirPods Pro, same active noise canceling and transparency mode, so you can block out the world or make it clearer than ever, same spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, so you get a 3D sound stage that sounds like it’s being staged from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV as if they were the stationary source. Also, Adaptive EQ, so they monitor the audio inside your ear as constantly adjust the sound so it sounds like it’s supposed to sound regardless of the shape of your ear or how they’re moving around inside your ear.

I went over how a ton of this tech works in my Beats Studio Buds, AirPods 3, and AirPods Max reviews, so I’ll link those in the description below the like button.

Now, these do have silicon tips, so they are fully in-ear. Which I know some people find uncomfortable or painful, but that’s why Apple makes AirPods 3.

For me, personally, this style stays in my Brazilian Jiu-itsu mangled ears just way, way better. And while the Beats Studio Buds already stayed in better than AirPods Pro for me, thanks to the wingtip, these Fit Pros stay in even better, better.

I think AirPods Pro probably still has a slight edge when it comes to overall sound and ANC quality, but at $200, which is $50 less than the AirPods Pro, the Beats Pro Fit have the edge on affordability. Also the Beats App for Android, which gives you pretty much everything but Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking and Find My.

All that with 6 hours of battery life in the buds, and 21 extra in case. That’s with ANC on. Turn it off and you can get up to 7 hours per bud and 23 more from the case. And fast fuel, aka fast charging, still gets you 1 hour in 5 minutes..

Last time, I said the Beats Studio Buds fit well enough that I was tempted to switch away from AirPods Pro. This time, the Beats Fit Pro fit even better. So, I’m going to keep wearing them for now, and I’ll let you know if, not when, I’m tempted to switch back to the AirPods Pro.