Apple Watch 6 — Mental Health Features?

Some of the rumors swirling around the next version of watchOS this June or the next Apple Watch this fall — or both — concern mental health.

Since its inception, the Apple Watch has been getting better and better at helping with physical health. From preventative fitness like activity rings and workouts, to warning systems like low, high, and irregular heartbeats and ECG, to emergency features like international SOS and fall detection.

There have been crossover features that offer some benefit to both mind and body, like the breathing app, and some behavioral assistance — the nature of the Apple Watch makes it not just impractical but impossible to get lost in social networks or games for minutes or hours on end, for example.

But this is the first time we’re hearing about features specifically for mental health, and, as usual, I’m really curious how that may play out.

So, I asked one of the smartest people I know, who also happens to be a licensed psychotherapist, Georgia Dow, to help me figure it out.

You can find Georgia's work at: