Apple TV — Next-Generation Rumors Rundown

We got the first Apple TV back in 2007. Yeah, the one based on stripped down version of OS X Tiger that shared the stage with the original iPhone. We got the second one, the first iOS-based on, in 2010. Then the second, the one that went from 720 to 1080p, in 2012.

After that, the Apple TV spent some time in the desert, going through numerous false-starts. From DVR to higher-end gaming console to… in the end… the future of TV is apps. That hit in 2015, and then got revved to 4K and HDR in 2017.

Then, nothing. Despite all the leaks. Despite all the rumors. Just nothing and more nothing. Until now.

With rumors of an updated A12Z-based Apple TV, maybe even an A14X-based high-end gaming Apple TV and… dare we hope.. an Apple TV dongle stick?

Let’s break it down!