AirPods Max Review — Two Weeks Later!

Are the AirPods Max for you? The answer turns out to be remarkably simple:

  1. Are you all in on the Apple ecosystem?
  2. Do you listen to a ton of digital music and videos, especially streaming?
  3. Do you want wireless, noise-canceling headphones?
  4. Do you prefer over-the-ear headphones?
  5. And do you have $550 just lightsabering a hole in your gear fund?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, literally nothing else matters. Not codecs, not cables, not comparisons, not cost, not even cases. If you answered yes, to quote Flossy Carter, Apple's new AirPods Max are a major, major, major… major — quad-major — go.

If you answered "not sure" to any of them, though, then I'm going to go through everything that really matters, so you can quickly, easily figure it out.

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