27″ iMac (2020) Review — 2 Months Later (With Mary Spender)

About 2 months ago, Apple mass dropped a brand new Intel and AMD iMac on us. TrueTone display, nano-texture option, 10th generation Comet Lake processors, Radeon Pro RDNA 5000 graphics, up to 128GB of RAM, 8TB of SSD, a 1080p camera that’s no longer a potato, more like… I don’t know.. tasty, tasty, poutine, much better microphone, and a T2 co-processor for real-time encryption, image and audio signal processing, and more.

But it was also about 2 months after Tim Cook announced the advent of Apple Silicon Macs. So… yeah… awkward… maybe? Especially if you’re judge-judy-slapping-your-watch-waiting-dot-gif for those new Apple Silicon Macs, some models of which might take up to 2 years to get here.

And if you need to do real desktop-class work right now, big screen, big silicon, big Bootcamp or Windows VM especially, and yeah, big budget if you take that iMac to just… iMax, how well will last of the Intel and AMD iMacs do for you?

Well, I’ve got Mary Spender of YouTube, Nebula, and music fame with me right here, we’re going to tell you all about it, and we’re going to do it right now!