iOS 14 Review (with John Gruber)

I wanted to do this a little differently. I’ve already posted an iOS 14 explainer video and an iOS 14 Preview video where I break down all the new features and the technology behind how they all work.

Now, after using iOS 14 on my primary iPhone since literally the day it was announced back in June, I want to give you some personal opinions on how well it all works.

Mine, and John Gruber’s, of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show fame, who’s been gracious enough to join me.

And I’ll preface this by saying iOS 14 is good. I mean really good. Great even. So much better in iOS 13 in so many ways. But it’s also bringing some huge changes to the core iPhone experience. Some of which I think are right, some of which I think are just right now, but all of which we’re going to just nitpick the hell out of. Because this stuff is important, and they’ve nailed the basics well enough it’s worth being critical, maybe even Siracusa-style hyper-critical about.