Facebook DESTROYS Apple — The Truth

Zuckerberg met with Cook and asked him, face-to-face, CEO-to-CEO, how Cook would handle the fallout from Cambridge Analytica? And Cook, acidly, told Zuckerberg that Facebook should delete any and all data collected outside their own apps. Zuckerberg was… stunned, obviously ignored the advice, and would go on to tell an employee that Facebook needed to inflict pain on Apple.

Apple… well, Apple just decided that if Facebook wouldn’t delete our 3rd party data, Apple would let us delete their access to it, with iOS 14.5 and App Tracking transparency. They could still track what we were doing in their own apps, but if they wanted to keep tracking us across the web and other apps as well, they had to ask our permission first.

Now, 95% of American iPhone and iPad users, and roughly 88% of global users, are hard nope-ing out of 3rd party app tracking on the daily.