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Latest from the Blog

M1X MacBook Pro… M2 Apple TV?! — Apple in 2021 Answers!

In this video, we are starting off 2021 RIGHT! Digging into what’s next for Apple in the new year… in a way only you amazing, sizzling smart people could come up with. That includes M1X MacBooks and iMacs, and M2 Apple TV (?!), iPhone 13 pricing and 5G, Apple Watch 7, iPad/Mac hybrids, Mac apps […]

iPhone 12 Review — Two Months Later! (Feat. Brian Tong)

You’re either thinking of getting a new iPhone 12 and still can’t decide between the regular and Pro, just got a new iPhone 12, are watching that exchange period tick, tick, tick down, and want to make sure you got the right one, or you’ve had your new iPhone 12 for a while and still […]

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