Apple iPhone 12 October 2020 Event Preview

The lights go dark. The music pauses. The Apple Logo hits the screen. Tim Cook strides out. “Good morning! Good morning!” The iPhone event… Is.. on.

Yes, fine, sure. We expected all of this to have happened already, just like any other year. But 2020 isn’t like any other year. It’s the Will it Blend of years.

So, instead… instead of the usual September iPhone event, we got… Apple Watch and iPad.

And the iPhone 12… Well, for that we have to wait for October. Like it’s 2011 or something all over again.

But, you know what that means — in about two weeks, Drone shot. Speed ramp. Transition. Steady cam. And then… what exactly?

TV, StudioPods, AirTags, iPad Pro, iPhones… so many iPhones. And maybe, just maybe, some one more Apple Silicon things?

Well, I’m going to break it down for you, all of it, in my weekly iMore column: